Directed by Jess McNamara

Winter 2023

Photos From Our Production

By Karen Boettcher-Tate

Rene Shwartzbuckle is cuckoo for a turnip-like vegetable called rapunzel.  When she spots a mouth-watering patch of the plant in Witch Izwitch’s garden, she sends her husband Walt out to ’borrow’ some.  Witch Izwitch is certainly not amused!  With her diabolical henchmen, the Glumpwarts, she terrorizes Walt into promising her his firstborn child in exchange for his freedom.  We then jump ahead many years to Rapunzel (now you know where the name comes from!)  Shwartzbuckle’s 18th birthday.  The witch and the Glumpwarts show up as promised and whisk poor, innocent Rapunzel away to a tower in the forest.  From here, a boisterously entertaining rescue attempt begins!  (The technical aspects of ’hair climbing’ are handled quite simply.)  Can Prince Llewellyn persevere over the powers of evil?  Filled with plenty of action and fresh, hysterical characters (such as the sages Parsley, Rosemary and Thyme!), this show gives a new twist to an old story and a gentle message about the nature of beauty.
Walter Shwartzbuckle
Rishu Revatia
Rene Shwartzbuckle
Sophie Murray
Maya Cosette Pineo, Silas Dutra, Grady Kurker, Enzo Tarara
Witch Izwitch
Savea Carty-Pajotte
King Zeek Furaday
Danny MacPhee/ Jack Campbell
Queen Petunia Furaday
Saanvi Jegan
Prince Bumpus
Connor Murray
Prince Markie
Aadhav Jegan
Prince Llwellyn
Harrison Chrisholm
Rapunzel Shwartzbuckle
Molly Diggin
The Sages:
Parsley, Rosemary, Thyme
Ruhi Nevatia, Laher Mehta, Zoe Dutra
Sir Squashly, 
Sir Nort
Charlie Campbell,
Rhys Tommy
Cram, Spam
Jeffrey Todd, Sophia LeFleur
Palace Guards
Eliana Pacillo, Niketa Ray
Royal Subjects
Zora Abrams, Marika Greer