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Our Productions

Walpole Children’s Theatre produces two shows per year, a summer show and a winter show. The summer show is performed in July, with auditions held in May. The winter show is performed at the end of February, with auditions occurring in November. The process of producing a show is a process and team effort.


Script Committee

The first step in the process of production is deciding on a script. The Script Committee, comprised of WCT Board Members, submit a multitude of scripts for the committee to peruse. Aspects of the scripts that are considered include the number of characters, technical aspects, and suitability for our audience. The number of scripts is narrowed down to four or five choices, which the committee then votes on. The two scripts with the most votes become the productions for the season. The committee decides which show should be performed in summer and winter. Members who are interested in directing submit proposals to the committee, and the group votes on the show’s director. Then the production planning begins!

Want to check out our past productions?

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