Announcing Summer 2020 Show

WCT is happy to announce that we are putting on “My Name is Rumpelstiltskin” by Vera Morris this summer in accordance with state guidelines! The show will not be performed in front of a live audience; instead it will be pre-recorded and shown virtually as a streaming event on August 21st.

Children aged 10-20 are welcome to submit audition videos by Tuesday June 16th. Rehearsals will be virtual to start, but actors will be required to meet in-person towards the end of July when recording will begin (with a schedule that minimizes the number of actors together at one time).

We have put a lot of thought into how we can safely deliver a theatrical experience for our actors, families, and patrons during these challenging times.  


WCT usually puts on shows that involve months of in-person rehearsals, which culminate in several performances for live audiences. Given the situation with COVID-19, it is not possible for us to have performances with live audiences this summer. Instead, we will be pre-recording the show and hosting a live virtual event on Friday August 21st.

We will not be having in-person auditions. Instead, children aged 10-20 who are interested in auditioning for the show are asked to fill out a form, which will involve uploading several different audition videos. The deadline for these submissions is Tuesday June 16th. A portion of auditionees will be asked to attend virtual callback auditions on Saturday June 20th at 12pm. See below for more detailed information on auditions.

Virtual rehearsals will begin on Tuesday June 23rd for auditionees who are cast in the production. Cast members will be required to have an internet-connected device with a camera in order to participate in these virtual rehearsals (if this would be a problem, please reach out to us).


Audition Information

In lieu of in-person auditions, auditionees are asked to:

  1. Assess whether they will be able to meet the expectations for this special show (detailed below)
  2. Complete the audition form:
    1. As part of the audition form linked above all auditionees are asked to upload three videos
  3. Audition submissions are due by Tuesday June 16th at 7PM
  4. If you have technical issues with the above form, please email

NOTE: The audition form is hosted by Google forms and requires a Google account in order to support video file upload. If you do not have a Google account or do not wish to create one, please email for alternate audition submission instructions.

Virtual callbacks will be held on Saturday June 20th from 12PM - 3PM as a Zoom meeting. Only a portion of people who submit audition forms will be asked to attend callbacks. Everyone who submits an audition form will be notified by Thursday June 18th with a yes or no response on whether or not they have been called back. If you do not get called back, it is still possible for you to be cast in the show.

Everyone who submits an audition form will be notified by Monday June 22nd on whether or not they have been cast in the production.

If you would you like to see an example of a "Madame Dido" monologue being performed, play the video to the right to see WCT alum, Madeline Adelle Phillips, perform her version.  In addition to modeling, Madeline has been performing on stage and in films across the country.  To learn more about her, go to

State Guidance on Covid-19

The state of Massachusetts has a phased approach to re-opening. On Monday June 8th, the state entered “Phase 2” of the reopening plan. In Phase 2, state guidelines allow for “non-athletic instructional classes in arts/education/life skills for youths under 18 years of age in groups fewer than 10”.

Phase 3 (date TBD) of the state’s reopening plan allows for “indoor non-athletic instructional classes in arts/education/life skills for persons 18 years or older”. Phase 3 also allows for “indoor theaters, concert halls, and other performance venues of moderate capacity”, but WCT will not be performing for live audiences for this show.

Our Expectations for Participating Cast Members

In-Person Rehearsals

  • Cast members are expected to attend in person rehearsals beginning on July 21st (unless state guidance changes)
  • See our in-person rehearsal protocols below for more information on expected behavior for cast and crew when meeting physically

Virtual Rehearsals
  • Cast members have access to a computer or phone with a camera and are able to join Zoom video calls
  • If you think this might be a problem, please reach out to us

Excused Absence:
  • Listed on audition form
  • Family/medical emergencies
  • Not list on audition form, but informed production staff as soon as possible (not recurring)

Unexcused Absence:
  • Non-emergency, production staff informed day of rehearsal
  • Absent without informing production staff
  • Any absences after July 19th

  • After two unexcused absences family and cast member will meet with production staff
  • Unexcused absences can potentially result in loss of role and/or impact future casting
  • Consequences are at discretion of production staff

In-Person Event Protocols

As stated, in-person rehearsals will not begin until July 21st. During these rehearsals/film sessions the group will abide by the following protocols:

  • All attendees must self-certify that they have not experienced Covid-19 symptoms before arriving at the in-person event
  • Rehearsals will take place outside as much as possible
    • The play has two settings: an interior palace and an exterior woods
    • The exterior woods scenes will be filmed and rehearsed outdoors
    • The interior palace scenes will be filmed at the WCT shop at 153 Washington St. E Walpole
  • Rehearsals will be scheduled to limit the number of cast members present to the greatest extent possible
    • All but one in-person rehearsal will have at most 7 cast members and 4 crew members
    • One in-person rehearsal will have at most 15 cast members and up to 4 crew members
  • Social distancing
    • All persons are recommended to remain at least six feet apart to the greatest extent possible.
    • Face and nose coverings required for contact less than six feet apart (except when filming final takes)
  • Hygiene and sanitation
    • All common surfaces to be disinfected prior to and at the close of each day.
    • Handwashing immediately after close contact. If facilities do not have bathrooms WCT will provide hand sanitizer 60% alcohol or greater.
    • Regular sanitation of high touch areas will be conducted. Disinfectant spray and gloves will be available at all venues for sanitation purposes.
    • When in doors, hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and exit doors.
  • If a member of WCT has tested positive for the virus:
    • All WCT members in contact with that individual will be notified. (copy of attendance lists will be furnished upon request of Public Health Officials)
    • All venues will be contacted immediately. 
    • All members of WCT will remain on Self-Certify Protocol
    • Any member who tests positive will need to complete a “Safe to Return” questionnaire before a return is considered
    • If the positive member had come into physical contact with other WCT members, we would defer to the Board of Health and likely put the entire production on hold until further notice

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you put on a show during a pandemic?

Even though state guidelines may allow moderate-sized audiences for theatre productions by the time our show is ready in August, we will not be performing for a live audience. We will have virtual rehearsals until July 21st, at which point there will be in-person rehearsals.

Is this in line with state and local guidance?

Yes. Phase 2 of Massachusetts’ reopening plan (which began June 8th) allows for “non-athletic instructional classes in arts/education/life skills for youths under 18 years of age in groups fewer than 10”. There is only one in-person rehearsal which we expect to exceed a group size of 10. We expect to be in Phase 3 of Massachusetts’ reopening plan by the time that rehearsal occurs, but if we are not, we will break up the rehearsal to keep group sizes at 10 or less.

When will cast members be required to meet in person?

The first scheduled in-person rehearsal is July 21st. Not all cast members will attend all in-person rehearsals. Rehearsals will be broken up by scene to minimize the number of people at each rehearsal.

What processes are in place to encourage safe interaction during in-person rehearsals?

Physical distancing and mask-wearing (at all times except when actively being filmed) are required during in-person rehearsals. Hand sanitizer will be available at interior entrances and exits. All surfaces will be sanitized daily.

How can cast members remain 6 feet from each other, wearing facemasks, if they are recording a play together?

Unless actively being filmed for non-rehearsal takes, all cast members are expected to wear facemasks. Cast members will remain more than 6 feet from each other, unless rehearsing or filming dictates a shorter distance. All crew members will wear facemasks at all times and remain more than 6 feet from cast members as much as possible. 

Will any in-person rehearsals be held indoors?

Yes. Approximately 6 of the ~13 in-person rehearsals/filming days are expected to be indoors. Only cast members who are required for scenes being filmed or rehearsed that day will be able to attend the in-person rehearsals for that day.

What will be the largest group of people present at an in-person rehearsal?

There is one rehearsal, likely the final in-person rehearsal in early August, at which all ~15 cast members will be expected to attend.

What if Phase 3 of the Massachusetts reopening plan does not occur by the first in-person rehearsal (July 21)?

Phase 3 does not need to occur before the first in-person rehearsal. Because we are limiting almost all in-person rehearsals to groups of 10 or less, we could have decided to host in-person rehearsals as early as June 8th when Phase 2 of the reopening plan began.