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The Prince &
the Pauper

Directed by Laura Barry
Winter 2016

by James DeVita
Mark Twain’s classic tale comes to life onstage--When Edward Tudor, Prince of Wales, sees poor Tom Canty mistreated by one of his guards, he invites the pauper into the palace for a bite to eat. After conversing about each other’s lives, the prince suggests they exchange clothing for fun — in Tom’s rags, the prince looks like a “peacock fell in the mud ’n’ froze,” while Tom claims the royal regalia is so heavy it’s “like to break me back.” But the fun and games soon become harsh reality when the prince’s guards mistake Edward for the pauper and throw him into the street while Tom is ushered in to handle important stately affairs — which he fumbles through with hilarity and later, poise. Wearing each other’s shoes (literally), the boys discover what it’s like “on the other side,” and it doesn’t take long for each of them to appreciate the life they always knew. What they each learn about the other’s world will illuminate their lives — and yours — forever.

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