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Bottle of Joy

Directed by Jackie Gately
Winter 2021

By Charles E. Bright
This delightful children’s play takes place in the far-off land of the Kingdom of Happy, where... well, everybody’s happy! Everybody, that is, except the evil Count Cringe and his equally evil assistant Purvis. What brings such happiness to the lucky residents of this kingdom? Waldo the Wizard’s magic bottle of joy! King Har Har keeps the main supply of this magic potion in a large corked bottle, and the town’s inhabitants each refill their own little bottles once a year. Loaded with puns and plenty of witty verbal banter to entertain all ages, your audience will cringe when Count Cringe attempts to destroy the bottle of joy with his sad ray. This is just the opportunity Phred the Phrog has been waiting for! Thwarting the villain’s evil plot would be the heroic deed he needs to perform to change him back from a handsome frog to an ugly prince. Alas, Phred fails, and the gloom gun zaps the magic potion. But wait! Everybody is still laughing! The story ends happily ever after as the citizens learn that happiness comes from within themselves, not from a magic bottle of joy.

The Great Movie Caper

Directed by Lisa Cyr & Stephen Bond


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