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The Magical Lamp
of Aladdin

Directed by Brian Connolly
Summer 2015

By Tim Kelly
The classic story of Aladdin, his monkey sidekick Alakazam, and the beautiful Princess Jasmine never fails to entertain young audiences. Evil magician Jammal tries to trick Aladdin in a malicious scheme to acquire a magical lamp containing a wish-granting genie. But Aladdin tricks Jammal and claims the magic lamp for himself, using its power to win the princess and impress the Sultan. But through another wicked ploy, Jammal regains possession of the lamp and kidnaps Jasmine! To set things right, Aladdin must face Chop-Chop, the merciless executioner. At last, Aladdin and Jasmine are reunited, and Jammal is transformed into a new person. In this delightful version, you’ll also meet three genies, the whining Ali “Bubba,” the fire-breathing dragon, and the haughty sultan’s wife.

Our production was featured on Boston 25's Zip Trip!
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