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Welcome to Walpole Children's Theatre, Inc!

Walpole Children's Theatre, Inc. (WCT) is unique from other children’s theater groups in the area. Committing itself to the theater arts, children, and community involvement, WCT works toward providing more opportunities for members and raising the bar for children’s theater.

"Jungle Book"

Come hear the incredible tale of Mowgli, a young boy raised by wolves.  With the help of his friends — the bear Baloo, the panther Bagheera and the python Kaa — Mowgli learns the ways of the jungle.  Some of the jungle adventures include the time he encounters the hooded cobra who guards the treasure vault in the Deserted City or when the histerical coconut-tossing monkeys who take him prisoner to celebrate the birthday of King Monkey. But the jungle is also dangerous, for it is the home of Shere Khan, the man-eating tiger who has vowed to destroy Mowgli.   Mowgli must use all his strength and courage to stop Shere Khan before it is too late!

Performances will be held

February 23-25 and March 1-2, 2024

Jungle Book Poster 8.5x11.png

Meet the 2024 Cast of Jungle Book

Ananya Chandramurthy as Mowgli

Charlie Campbell as Shere Khan

Savea Carty-Pajotte as Tabaqui*

Alec Berard as Baloo

Molly Diggin as Bagheera

Laher Mehta as Kaa

Silas Dutra as Mor

Kyle Findley as Mang

Enzo Tarara as Rikki-Tikki

Charlotte Regan as Cobra

Jeffrey Todd as King Monkey

Lizzie Murray as Monkey 1

Phoebe Cosgrove as Monkey 2

Niketa Ray as Monkey 3

Marika Greer as Monkey 4

Zoe Dutra as Nyra

Ruby Abbott as Chitra

Dolimah Kopoi as Messua

Aadhav Jegan as Toomai

Connor Fomenko as Wolf 2

Anya Vasani as Villager 1

Gabby Holtzman as Villager 2

Rhys Tommy as Father Wolf

Saanvi Jegan as Mother Wolf

Grady Kurker as Wolf 1

Sophia LaFleur as Wolf 3

Layla Klaene as Wolf 4


*10th WCT Production