Treasure Island

Directed by Peter McElhinney

Summer 2012

Photos From Our Production

Adapted by Joseph George Caruso

Treasure Island is certainly one of the most durable adventure stories of all time, with the villainous Long John Silver following young Jim across the ocean to search out a buried fortune on Treasure Island.

Cast of Characters

Jim Hawkins
 Riley Mulroy
 Long John Silver
 Marc Sheehan
 Auntie Nan
 Lindsey Sheehan
 Lindsey Patterson
 Dr. Livesy
 Doug Stewart
 Captain Smollett
 Brian Tracey
 Sam Arrow
 Bridget Connell
 Belle Gunn
 Leah D'Sa
 Captain Bones
 Michael McKeon
 Blind Flint
 John Montaquila
 Red Dog
 Rory Hardiman
 Justin Connolly
 Jackie Gately
 Stephanie Matta
 Calico Annie
 Mia Straccia
 Town Crier
 Ava Straccia
 Town Crier
 Kelsey Mazzocca
 Town Crier
 Olivia Sheehan
 Mr. Posket
 Nick Hayden
 Mrs. Posket
 Ariana Chariton
 Mr. Grundy
 Sean Lynch
 Mrs. Grundy
 Lena Astarjian
 Angela Driscoll
 Lindsay Keady
 Molly Rockwood
 Anna Hebner
 Julia Connor