The Sleeping Beauty

Directed by Jess McNamara

Winter 2018

Photos From Our Production

by Brian Way

A lively, creative version of the famed story featuring such diverse characters as the good and wicked godmothers, Prince Simple, a hilariously wild foreign chef and an entire sleeping kingdom! Script includes a beautiful candle dance sequence and a wild sword fight on a pirate ship. For all ages.

Town Crier 1
 Regan Ball
 Town Crier 2
 Caterina Seeley
 Colin Wilber
 Mahoney Cyr
Lord Chamberlain
 Tim Rose
  Royal Nurse/
Age 10 Carol
  Christina Forester
  Mr. Precious
  Stephen Bond
  General Lifelong
  Madison Rizzo
  Royal Chef
  Emily Tomasetti
  Young Simple
  Jake Minsky
  Wicked Godmother
  Ava Straccia
  Good Godmother
  Brenna Hughes
  Royal Gardener
  Reilly Walsh
  School Master
  Jordan Larkin
  Mistress of Wardrobe
  Gina Destito
  Princess Carol
  Danielle Panciocco
  Pirate Captain
  Riley Mulroy
  Jack Campbell
  Billy MacPhee
  Pirate 1
  Alex Mansour
  Pirate 2
  Rafe Tomasetti
  Pirate 3/ 
Age 13 Carol
  Anna McCusker
Pirate 4  
  Grace Ward
  Prince Simple
  Josh Minsky
 Party Guest
 Brady Collins
 Party Guest
 Maggie Dornisch
 Party Guest
 Charlotte Kelleher
 Party Guest
 Emily Saunders