Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Directed by Laura Barry

Winter 2015

Photos From Our Production

by Jesse Braham White

The tale is based directly from the original Brothers Grimm story. For those familiar with the Disney version of this classic tale, you will still find the lovable dwarfs, the innocent Snow White and the nasty and incredibly jealous Queen, but you will also enjoy the added depth given by a palace full of supporting characters and the hilarious Witch Hex and her life size cats.

Cast of Characters

Snow White
  Ava Straccia
Queen Brangomar
  Mia Straccia
Witch Hex
  Kaylanna Sareen
 Peddlar Woman
  Lena Astarjian
 Prince Florimond
  Riley Mulroy
Sir Dandiprat Bombas
  Marc Sheehan
  Corey Lynch
  Brian Tracey
  Nick Hayden
 Long Tail
  Rafe Tomasetti
 Short Tail
   Maryn Cyr
  Arianna Chariton
  Madison Rizzo
  Bridget Connell
  Mahoney Cyr
  Brenna Hughes
 Lyndsey Patterson
 Cate Lightbody
  Emily Tomasetti
  Tim Rose
  Sean Lynch
  Anna McCusker
  Josh Minsky
  Colin Wilber
  Jordan Larkin
 Anna Hebner