Robin Hood & His Merry Men 

Directed by Peter McElhinney

Summer 2014

Photos From Our Production

By Richard Gremel

Prince John has decreed that the citizens of Nottingham pay weekly taxes or face the penalty of death. His decrees are enforced by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. The citizens think that all hope is lost until they hear word of a noble hero, Robin Hood of Locksley. Robin Hood, with the help of his merry men (which are mostly girls) rob from the rich, give to the poor, and save the fair Maid Marian. This comic retelling of the story includes thumb wars, missed cues, and a slow motion fight.

Cast of Characters

Robin Hood
  Rory Hardiman
 Maid Marian
  Lindsey Patterson
 Prince John
  Marc Sheehan
 Sheriff of Nottingham
  Ariana Chariton
  Lena Astarjian
  Tim Rose
 Friar Tuck
  Mike McKeon
 Little John
  Corey Lynch
  Sean Lynch
 King Richard
  Brian Tracey
 Riley Mulroy
 Guard 1
  Leah D'sa
 Guard 2
  Bridget Connell
 Lady Helena
  Anna Hebner
 Lady Jacquelyn
  Mahoney Cyr
 Lady Cassandra
  Jordan Larkin
 Lady Gertrude
  Emily Tomasetti
 Lady Isabel
  Brenna Hughes
 Lady Elizabeth
 Cate Lightbody
 Lady Sybil
 Maddie Rizzo
 Lady Gwen
  Nikki McNamara
  Stephanie Matta
 Merry Men
Mahoney Cyr, 
Anna Hebner, 
Cate Lightbody, Emily Tomasetti, Nikki McNamara
  Stage Manager
  Nick Hayden
  Peter Kougias
  Olivia Sheehan
  Gabe Winkler
  Colin Wilbur