Directed by Justin Connolly

Summer 2017

Photos From Our Production

By Brian Way
One of the most popular children's plays in Great Britain, professionally toured throughout Scandinavia, and the subject of broad-based critical acclaim, this stimulating interpretation reaches out and captures youthful audiences with unprecedented spirit. The timeless story of the wooden puppet who must earn the right to fulfill his longing to be a real boy brilliantly conveys lessons of responsibility and respect for the feelings of others. A charmingly innocent, powerfully believable play.
 Riley Mulroy
 Ticket Seller
 Cate Lightbody
 Fire Eater
 Tim Rose
 Victoria McGowan
 Brenna Hughes
 Sydney Schultz
 Stephen Bond, Jack Campbell, Abbi Lightbody
 A Clown
 Ava Straccia
 The Fairy
 Mia Straccia
 Madison Rizzo
 Anna McCusker
 Mahoney Cyr
 Mr. Fox
 Danielle Panciocco
 Mr. Cat
 Emily Tomasetti
 Jake Minsky, Rafe Tomasetti
 Maryn Cyr, Christina Forester
 Alex Kennedy
 Alex Mansour
 Josh Minsky
 Matthew O'Malley
 Circus Master
 Anna Hebner
 Circus and Band Members
 Jack Dullea, Sophia Kaselis, Charlotte Kelleher, Emily Saunders, Caterina Seeley