Board of Directors

Walpole Children’s Theatre, Inc. is managed by a Board of Directors, all of whom have been long-time members of the organization.  The Board of Directors not only ensures the organization is operating according to the by-laws, but also strives to  keep adding and improving to the group.

  • President: Paul MacPhee
  • Vice President:  Lisa Cyr
  • Secretary:  Joyce MacPhee
  • Treasurer: Peter McElhiney
  • Public Relations Manager: Amy LaMachia
  • Fundraising Manager:  Patricia Dixon
  • Business Manager: Elizabeth Smith

Production Crew

The Walpole Children’s Theatre production crew members are the foundation of the excellence in our quality productions.  All production crew members are volunteers who donate their time, energy, and expertise to create remarkable children’s plays.  Most have been involved with WCT for over a decade and started their WCT career as actors in WCTproductions.  They have gained knowledge in acting, lighting, set design, painting, and costumes from their own hands-on experience.

  • Laura Barry- Director, assistant director, stage manager
  • Lisa Cyr- House Manager, box office manager, director, producer
  • Brian Connolly- Director, assistant director, stage manager
  • Patricia Dixon- Hair, make-up, fundraising, production manager
  • Amy LaMachia- Costumes, make-up, publicity
  • Paul MacPhee- Set designer, master carpenter, director
  • Joyce MacPhee- Director, stage manager, set decorator
  • Dianne Martel- House manager, box office, usher
  • Peter McElhinney- Director, producer, sound/light designer
  • Kelly Newman – Assistant director, stage manager
  • Elizabeth Smith- Director, stage manger, producer, assistant director

Walpole Children’s Theatre is a specialized group with the sole intention to educate, enlighten, and entertain youths in the local community.  It was originally founded in 1969 by a group headed by Robert Cheeseborough, an Emerson College student.  The first production consisted of two one-act plays performed at Footlighters Playhouse and Bird Park, both located in Walpole.  Throughout the years, WCT has continued to develop and to provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn about the theater arts.

In 1992, several WCT members filed to incorporate the group as a non-profit organization.  The intent was to preserve the tradition of children’s theater within the community.  WCT continued to provide youths with a rich, well-rounded theatrical experience.  They learned about “behind the scene” elements, such as lighting and stage make-up.  Since then, WCT has continued to grow and its staff of volunteers has become a family like no other.  Most of the volunteers are former WCT members who have grown up with the group and continue to be involved.  This is their way of giving back to WCT for all that they received from the experience.


The WCT newsletter, The Spotlight, is published twice a year. It is sent out electronically to the e-mailing list.  If you have information you would like included in the newsletter, send an email to