Jack & the Magic Beans

Directed by Peter McElhinney

Summer 2011

Photos From Our Production

By Vera Morris

This entertaining version of Jack and the Beanstalk returns to the original English source, The History of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean.  All the familiar characters are here:  The dancing cow, the magic bean-seller, the hysterical chicken, the singing harp, the mother, the Giant.  There are also zany villagers and a silly kitchen staff at the Giant’s castle.  The Giant’s name is Gogmagog and he’s a horrible person.  He even locks up the kingdom’s ruler.  When Jack sells the cow for those magic beans the fun really begins.  Jack goes up the beanstalk and into the castle where he not only fights Gogmagog but a spiteful Troll as well.  By the play’s end the cow is returned, the chicken learns how to lay golden eggs and the good life returns to the kingdom — thanks to Jack.
Ava Straccia
Jack's Mother
Kelly Newman
Bean Seller
Rory Hardiman
Queen Violet
Abigail Nelson
Princess Tulip
Lena Astarjian
Scarecrow Girl
Steph Matta
Sherriff Dum-Dum
Mia Straccia
Lady Stumble Mumble
Leah D'Sa
Village Woman 1
Jess McNamara
Village Woman 2
Nikki McNamara
Marc Sheehan
Madeline Nelson
Riley Mulroy
John Nelson
Kitchen Girl
Bridget Connell
Singing Harp
Lindsay Keady
Skinny Troll
Jackie Gately
Fat Troll
Justin Connolly
Miss Priss
Kevin Early,
Billy Nineve
Nick Hayden, Olivia Sheehan, Colleen Joyce