Directed By Justin Connolly

Winter 2019

Photos From Our Production

By Charlotte Chorpenning
A bewitching dramatization of this ageless story is made pictorially beautiful by the introduction of frequent dancing and music. Cinderella sees beautiful things in her daydreams and tries to live her little, starved life in a way to deserve them. Her stepmother and sisters catch her idling and tear up the dress she has made from their discarded ones. After they have departed for the prince's ball, the fairy godmother appears. She provides Cinderella with a dress which puts her sisters' glamorous gowns to shame, and sends her off to the ball in a golden coach. At the ball, she captivates the prince. But she stays too long, loses her slipper and escapes pursuit only after a breathless chase. The next day, when the prince comes looking for his lost princess, he tries the slipper on both stepsisters. Each sister tries vainly to make the slipper fit, and the prince is ready to leave before he discovers his princess.  Dramatic Publishing 
 Anna McCusker
 First Sister
 Ava Straccia
 Second Sister
 Sydney Schultz
 Step Mother
 Mahoney Cyr
 Alex Mansour
 Josh Minsky
 Fairy Godmother 1
Brenna Hughes
 Fairy Godmother 2
 Danielle Panciocco
 Fairy Godmother 3
 Ava Blessing
 Tim Rose
 Jake Minsky
 Caterina Seeley
 Emily Tomasetti
 Colin Wilber
 Page 1
 Rafe Tomasetti
 Page 2
 Jack Campbell
 Palace Guards
 Francesca Goodsell, Sophia Goodsell, Madelyn Resha, Anya Verticova
 Ballroom Guest
 Stephen Bond, Savea Carty-Pajotte, Brady Collins, Christina Forester, Ella Mansour, Billy MacPhee, Danny MacPhee, Reilly Walsh