Charlie & the Chocolate Factory

Directed by Peter McElhinney & Kelly Newman

Summer 2013

Photos From Our Production

Based on the book by Roald Dahl

Dramatized by Richard R George

Who wouldn't want to join Charlie Bucket in his adventurous tour of Willy Wonka's world-famous Chocolate Factory? Follow the Golden Ticket winners, Augustus, Violet, Veruca, Mike, and Charlie, as they venture through a candy fantasy land and encounter irresistible temptations. A classic story for the whole family.

  Rory Hardiman
  Michael McKeon
 Willy Wonka
 Jackie Gately
 Charlie Bucket
 Tim Rose
 Grandpa Joe
  Marc Sheehan
 Mr. Bucket
  Brian Tracey
 Mrs. Bucket
  Steph Matta
Grandma Josephina
  Leah D'Sa
Grandma Georgina
 Bridget Connell
 Grandpa George
 Nick Hayden
 Augustus Gloop
 Sean Lynch
 Mrs. Gloop
 Jess McNamara
  Veruca Salt
  Lindsey Patterson
  Mr. Salt 
  Justin Connolly
  Mrs. Salt
  Ariana Chariton
 Violet Beauregarde
 Kaylyn Bosh
 Mrs. Beauregarde
 Mia Straccia
 Mike Teavee
 Ava Straccia
 Mr. Teavee
 Corey Lynch
 Mrs. Teavee
 Lindsey Sheehan
 Oompa Loompas
 Riley Mulroy
 Anna Hebner
 Mahoney Cyr
 Cate Lightbody
 Alex Kennedy
 Olivia Sheehan
 Liz Ronan
 Nikki McNamara
 Emily Tomasetti