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Beauty & the Beast

Directed by Mike McKeon
Winter 2018

By Vera Morris
As punishment for rebuffing a powerful witch, a selfish prince becomes a true ’beast’ until someone will love him for himself. Many years later, a poor widow stumbles onto the castle and innocently plucks a forbidden rose. The Beast sentences her to death, but first allows her to return home and bid farewell to her family. There we meet her two unpleasant daughters, Isabel and Marguerite, and her nasty sons-in-law, Greedo and Graspo. They hear her story and think she’s insane. But her third daughter,
Beauty agrees to go to the castle and stay with the Beast if her mother’s life is spared. When the Beast kindly permits Beauty to return home briefly, Graspo and Greedo sneak into the castle, hoping to steal a treasure. In a wildly funny and exciting scene, not only do they fight the Beast, but they fight the furniture! With the aid of an enchanted mirror, Beauty sees that the Beast doubts her love for him, and she returns to the castle. Her love restores Beast to his true form, and happiness reigns.

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