Board of Directors

President: Elizabeth Smith

Vice President: Brian Connolly

Treasurer: Laura Barry Modliszewski

Secretary: Patricia Dixon

Trustee/ Past President/ Member-at-Large: Paul MacPhee

Trustee/ Public Relations: Lisa Cyr

Trustee/ Fundraising: Joyce MacPhee

About Our Organization

Walpole Children's Theatre (WCT) is unique from other children’s theater groups in the area. Committing itself to the theater arts, children, and community involvement, WCT works toward providing more opportunities for members and raising the bar for children’s theater.  

WCT is also unique in its educational opportunities offered to all members of the group. Children and young adults in the group gain hands-on experience and mentoring in all areas of the production. Opportunities are offered within the group for young adults seeking more intense education and participation with crew positions. From the experience they acquire at WCT, many have pursued majors in theater, sound, film, and lighting in college.

No member of the WCT organization receives payment of any kind for their work. The production crew consists of volunteers who donate their time and talent year-round to give back to the group the wonderful experiences that they have had with WCT.

Letter from the WCT President

January 5, 2019

Dear patrons,

This year marks our 50th anniversary here at Walpole Children's Theatre. I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for your support over the years. We at W.C.T. strive to provide quality, affordable family entertainment for the community, and theatrical education for the children who participate in our productions. You, the audience, have allowed us to do just that for the last half century, and for that we are truly grateful!

W.C.T. is an all volunteer, non-profit organization. The many people who work so hard to bring our productions to the stage do so because they believe in what we do, and they contribute their amazing talents out of the goodness of their own hearts. 

Unlike similar groups, we do not charge the kids who perform in our shows. We feel strongly that ability to pay shouldn't be a factor in whether or not a child is able to participate in WCT.

The majority of the funds we need to operate come directly from ticket sales. Over the years, we have tried to keep our shows as affordable as possible. Unfortunately, our expenses, like everyone else's, continue to increase year after year, and this season we find it necessary to increase our ticket prices for the first time in a decade. This small increase will help us bring our income in line with our expenses, and hopefully help us to operate for the next 50 years, and beyond!  Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Paul MacPhee
President, Walpole Children's Theatre


The WCT newsletter, The Spotlight, is published twice a year. It is sent out electronically to the e-mailing list. If you have information you would like included in the newsletter, send an email to